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Winter. Low light levels. It’s the time of winter blues …

Millions of people suffer from low light level in winter periods which can result in a depressive mood ("winter blues") or even in a real disease (SAD, seasonal affective disorder).

A proved solution is to provide additional light to the eyes. You can sit in front of a stationary bright lamp for half an hour – which restricts your mobility significantly – or you can use "wearable" solutions which still show significant size and cannot be regarded as "pocketable".

This is why we develop PocketSky, the world's smallest energy light device.

A wearable, ultra light, thin bow delivers the light of a clear blue summer sky to your eyes.

It can be used cable free with maximum comfort, and also be worn over optical eye-glasses.

Wear PocketSky 30min/day and say goodbye to winter blues! Or resync your inner clock and fight the Jetlag. Or just use it as an optical energy drink to enhance your energy level.

Wherever you want, whenever you want.

sunny sky
winter blues
fight winter blues
jet lag
reduce jet lag
enhance engery level
enhance energy level
Work in progress

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The motivation behind the decision to award PocketSky with a third place was:
- The talented team are showing great creativity in product design. They care for millions affected by "winter blues" and jetlags with their scalable business proposal, which has tremendous market potentials.


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